Epicurean Richlite 4" x 6" Pastry Scraper
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For years, Epicurean cutting boards have been among our favorite products. Their made of an innovative material called Richlite, a wood-based product that gives you the best of both wood and poly cutting boards in one functional surface. These NSF-approved food preparation surfaces will not dull knives, harbor bacteria or stain. They are heat resistant up to 350 degrees F, dishwasher safe, and completely maintenance free.

The new Epicurean utensils boast all the features of Epicurean cutting surfaces, and give you the warmth and tactile sensation of wood, along with the durability and carefree use of synthetic materials. Plus, they simply don't get hot. Choose Epicurean utensils made entirely of Richlite or Richlite combined with nylon working surfaces. Epicurean utensils are 12" - 14" in length.